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Our Story

Nearly 2 years ago Gavin and the team at the paint shop stumbled across a gap in the market,

After Going through production and lots of prototypes the British made premium dust extraction sanding tool that we named ‘pinky’s blox’ was born. Looking through these pictures you can see some of the beautiful work our tools have helped to produce. Paired with next level craftsmanship there’s no limit to the amazing things you can create with the aid of pinky’s blox. 


Dustless sanding is the most efficient way of ensuring a clean and healthy workplace creating fewer processes before paint, therefore getting you to your final stage as quickly as possible.

Removing dust from your working environment can be a timely process resulting in many wasted man-hours, therefore Pinky's Blox is the perfect dust-free sanding tool!

Using our dust-free sanding tools will contribute to helping reduce exposure to harmful dust that may be created in the workplace.

When sanding in the automotive trade we deal with very fine dust particles which are the most dangerous for us.

Any dust particle smaller than 10µm can be inhaled deep into the lungs,

and this is why dust-free sanding is a safe solution!

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